Ian Frey: Various hand percussion and gadgets

  Over the years, a number of drummers have tried to play with us. It was always fun, but never seemed to really add anything vital. Then came Ian Frey. Aside from being way too lazy to write his own bio, his playing has really brought the entertainment value of our little duo to the next level. Now we have to pay him. Damn.
     Ianhas a bachelor’s degree in composition, which qualifies him to work fora sound company, know what a Picardy 3rd is and play with us.
    Heplays a wide variety of hittable instruments ranging from the Vibraphone to theCajon. He can play piano, sing and wear funny shirts. He also claims to be ahighly-skilled ukelele player. With a little luck, that’ll remain hearsay.
      Hismain influence may be alcohol, followed by Ben Folds, and governmental conspiracies.(Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean everyone’s notout to get you.)
      Anotherhandy thing about bringing Ian into the group is that his wife can sing the way-too-high-for-melast note of that Counting Crows song we do. 
Yay, Ian!