Red 'What is in a name? Very much if the witof man could find it out.'

“Hey, why are you guys called RED?”

      We get asked that all the time, and I wish there was a better answer. The truth probably has something to do with the idea that we’re not terribly clever. Since I can’t exactly admit to that in public, (just here on the little tiny internet) I have a variety of “better” reasons, and here they are:
       Top 10 reasons for naming our acoustic group RED:

  1. I’ve got a rash and Chris is embarrassed to be seen with me.
  2. We’re Commies
  3. All of the good names were taken
  4. It’s a short word, so you can print it REALLY big on the posters. We try to be considerate of both the color-blind and the visually impaired.
  5. We’re NOT a blues band. (This may be the actual real reason.)
  6. We just love King Crimson.
  7. Santa Claus is red.
  8. Blood is red (which is good as long as it remains on the inside)
  9. We are not Right-Hand Red, but Matt is a nice guy and gets lots of gigs, so maybe we can “accidentally” capitalize on that. I think we have a couple times.
  10. It’s an acronym. (you can submit your guesses as to what it might be via email.)